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Target EDI

Target EDI

Target EDI compliance

Our EDI solutions are robust enough to quickly integrated and be compatible with Target. Whether you have an experience on EDI or new to the data transfer technique, MMI EDI solution gets easily integrated with all Target EDI requirements of yours. The EDI compliance that we offer is merely not limited only to Target but also cater to your other trading partners as well.

Our EDI integration is further scalable corresponding to an organization’s growth and get integrated with any application.

Target EDI Mapping

We have an experienced team of developers and experts in EDI integration that seamlessly map/integrate your business with a partner’s EDI and vice versa. Not only we map the EDI but also takes care of monitoring and tracking of messages passing through EDI ecosystem. Some unique features of our EDI Mapping include:-

  • Custom integration with any system
  • Liaising with Target for technical co-ordination on the behalf of a client.
  • We liaise directly with Target to confirm technical requirements.
  • We provision the implementation and undergo a thorough testing process with target to ensure a robust service.

Common Documents Aligning with Target EDI

  • (EDI 850): Purchase Order
  • (EDI 856): Advance Shipment Notice
  • (EDI 810): Invoice
  • (EDI 214): Transportation Carrier Shipment Status
  • (EDI 852): Product Activity Data
  • (EDI 860): Purchase Order Change Request – Buyer Initiated
  • (EDI 864): Text Message
  • (EDI 870): Order Status Report
  • (EDI 940): Warehouse Shipping Order

The benefits of MME EDI integration for Target include:

  • The most affordable EDI solution that charges only for services provided by it.
  • Offering most simplified customer experience without any requirement for EDI training and in house tech team.
  • A uniform Web Based platform seamlessly connecting all your trading partners through a single web-based portal.
  • An easy integration with any application including FedEX, QuickBooks NetSuite and others.
  • A cloud based infrastructure offering anywhere-anytime access over an internet connection.
  • Round the clock monitoring and reliability completely eliminating architectural interruptions.
  • Instant Target EDI implementation & setup based on turnkey solution as well as customized according to a client’s requirement.
  • 24x7 live support by a responsive knowledgeable team either on a phone or through e-mail.
  • Automated process minimizing requirement for data entry & third party third-party EDI web forms.
  • Maximum flexibility for streaming and automation of processes
  • A reliable integration without a third-party integration
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