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Houzz EDI Compliance and Integrations Made Easy

What is Houzz EDI?

In order to maximize the potential of leading architecture and home interior portal the Houzz EDI is offered to a supplier to follow the company’s document standards. The supplier has to be compliant with the set of EDI standards and codes followed by Houzz.

Houzz EDI Mapping

MME offers the easiest EDI integration to a supplier to become Houzz EDI complaint. The steps of our EDI compliance follows below mentioned steps:

  • Enabling system to translate important business documents into approved ASCII format.
  • Conversion of company’s data into format into the standard EDI format and vice versa.
  • Seamlessly integrating EDI with any system.
  • Liaising with Houzz for technical co-ordination on the behalf of a client.
  • Maintaining co-ordination with Houzz for the rectification of technical business requirements.
  • Undertaking a through testing of EDI integration process to ensure a robust and specific services.

Houzz EDI Implementation Guide for Codes

The compliance with Houzz EDI is determined by standard and codes followed by it. The primary codes that majorly follows Houzz EDI include:-

  • 204: Motor Carrier Load Tender
  • 990: Response to a Load Tender
  • 214: Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message
  • 210:Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice
  • 850: Purchase Order
  • 855: Purchase Order Acknowledgment
  • 856: Ship Notice/Manifest
  • 810: Invoice
  • 820: Payment Order/Remittance Advice
  • 997: Functional Acknowledgment
  • Packing Slips
  • GS1-128 (or UCC-128) Bar Code Shipping Labels

Benefits offered by integration of Houzz EDI

MME as an EDI service provider present following benefits to a supplier in order to streamline his business processes.

  • Houzz EDI implement an automated system thus reduces chances of manual mistake to a greater extent.
  • The use of EDI improves your business cycle with Houzz to an extent of 60%.
  • While reducing time taken in a business cycle improves cash flow in a business.
  • In an automated EDI environment, you can delegate higher value tasks to your work force thus improving overall business productivity.
  • At the strategic level Houzz EDI offers real-time visibility of entire data.

The EDI benefits offered by MME for Houzz improve business efficiency by maximum capacity usage.

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