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Shopify EDI Integration


Shopify EDI Integration Made Easy

EDI integration with Shopify

MME Shopify EDI Integration lets your business to take the best advantage of a powerful e-commerce platform Shopify. EDI for Shopify by MME carry a number of business communication requirement. The most prominent one includes:

  • Sales Orders: Automatic update of orders received from retailers and customers into shopify through MME EDI.
  • Inventory Balances: Regular update of inventory in Shopify by a 3rd party logistic partner.
  • Product Updates: MME EDI integration with Shopify let new products entered into Shopify from other POS system or vice versa.
  • Transport Orders: Creation of a sales invoice in Shopify and sending a pickup request to the courier or transport company.
  • Advanced Shipping Notifications: Notification alert to a customer after completion of an order.
  • Invoices: MME sends invoices automatically to a customer or ERP.
  • Purchase Orders: Automatic purchase orders dispatch from a supplier into Shopify with MME EDI for Shopify.

Benefits of EDI for Shopify

  • Automation of Entire Business Process: Shopify and EDI integration by MME automate back office process of a business. It makes the process of electronic trading retailers, logistic partners and suppliers easy and efficient.
  • Hassle Free Configuration: MME Shopify EDI Capability on account of its being fully managed and professional EDI service provider enables it to take care of entire setup and configuration of EDI. It takes care of all the important issues including ongoing monitoring, hostings, backups and security.
  • Centralized Order Management/Fulfilment: The Shopify EDI connector saves ample times otherwise wasted on manual typing of orders and invoices from the trading partners.
  • Full EDI Support From MME: Allowing MME to take care of all the EDI needs offer multiple business benefits including efficiency and cost effectiveness.
  • Automated Management of Invoices: The combination of Shopify EDI Integration manages the sending of invoices to the client automatically. Further MME EDI can be easily integrated with all types of inventory for an effective and quick partners and retailers communication.
What you get after MME’s EDI Shopify Integration:-

After EDI integration when you have full control of your data communication, you are free to do following tasks:-

  • Automated Maintenance of Inventory: To easily move across to manage inventory from any source including providers, distributors, data feeds, ERP's or a warehouse.
  • Development of a Product Catalogue: A business after an EDI integration can develop a store according to his preference and choice. The process now will be far easier and simplified, simultaneously getting automatically fetched into the store.
  • Aids in Developing Sales Strategy: EDI integration with Shopify help a business to work smartly. With so many options for an easy process implementation like filters, pricing logic and product strategy an effective sales strategy can be developed.
  • Development of Sales Channels: MME EDI integration with Shopify helps a business to create a multichannel retail base of tasks. It can from there expand to other sales channels as Amazon, eBay, Walmart to encash its full retail potential.

Shopify Plus EDI Integration

MME EDI integration with Shopify Plus offers easy customization with the advanced version of the popular eCommerce site. It automates and customizes the entire accounting process. MME offers a higher level of support for its EDI integration with Shopify Plus.

For specific Shopify EDI requirements, please call us at 1-423-896-1025 or contact an Shopify EDI specialist today.
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