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QuickBooks EDI


If you want to lead the market in 2020, digital transformation has to be your prime agenda. Businesses of any size are looking for strategies to streamline their operations. Having all your business data under one-click results in high productivity. But, the core advantage of digitization remains total customer satisfaction.

QuickBooks EDI is a more simple way of interchanging your business documents. The exchange of documents happens in a standard electronic format. This leads to a reduction in operational costs. The percentage of human errors is also reduced or is completely nil.

EDI integration with QuickBooks provides everything you need to automate sales & purchase orders. This innovative integration helps you reduce paperwork, ensuring quick fulfillment of the orders.

EDI through QuickBooks

EDI through QuickBooks by Mapmyedi is robust, scalable and affordable. It is easy to install with just a few clicks. All the business documents exchanged are quickly converted into human-readable format. Mapmyedi makes it easier to connect with your suppliers and generate bills automatically.

EDI Quickbooks desktop

QuickBooks Desktop EDI offers endless opportunities for firms in a hosted environment. Thus enabling them to meet the growing demands of the real world. It also gives you the option of managing the operations from a centralized server.

EDI service QuickBooks:

Mapmyedi is the only EDI service provider offering scalable integration. This results in improved customer service and flawless business transactions.

Easy Inventory Adjustments:

Keep a track of all real time inventory levels across many units or locations. Tracking gives clear information about the availability of the stock. It also gives you plenty of room for improvement.

Assembly shortage levels:

Quick-books Desktop EDI scans the inventory levels for any shortage of the items. Having a clear picture of the shortage of items helps you to refill them easily.

Automatic purchase orders:

Listing of your items onto your Quick-books Desktop happens automatically. This gives you the option of checking the availability of the items across different locations.

Inventory receiving:

You can define your minimum & maximum stock levels into the QuickBooks. This ensures easy reordering of the items and generation of your POs automatically.

Unit of measure conversion:

One of the major advantages of QuickBooks EDI is the unit conversion from one unit of measurement to another.

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